Jeremy Bartley

How to regain your passion when leading leaves you burnt out

Leading people, let alone an entire organization, is hard work. Many leaders go into their jobs with excitement, gusto and passion for the cause they’re serving. But often, all the good feelings get lost in the menial tasks, complaints and never-ending list of things to get done. When that

Jeremy Bartley

Are your volunteers the right people for the job?

Volunteers are vital to any nonprofit. In order to invest in their lives, keep them around and gain more, it’s important to place them in positions that fit their unique skill sets and personalities. By doing so, your volunteers will not only thrive in their positions, but stay around

Stevie Rozean

5 Assumptions you're making that are Killing your nonprofit

Do you know what happens when you assume? I know your nonprofit has great things in store, but I often see nonprofits like you draw conclusions about its audience that drive them into a hole. When you make assumptions about your nonprofit you lose donors, remain stagnant or go under.