Stevie Rozean

5 reasons your nonprofit should get on Instagram

Visual content is so powerful. It pushes us to imagine ourselves in a different place, try something new, feel empathy or have hope. It is a form of persuasion that causes us to spend money. Instagram thrives off this form of persuasion. It is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and with its help, has aided tens of thousands of businesses and organizations find success. If that isn’t reason enough for your nonprofit to jump online and open an account immediately, hopefully the following reasons will seal the deal.

  1. Instagram Stories allow organizations to show who they are in a simple format. The Stories feature lets users post pictures and videos for other users to see at the top of their feeds, separate from the usual content a user posts. These photos and videos are usually more candid and they require no fancy camera or video gear, just a phone. Nonprofits can use this feature to share behind-the-scenes work of their organization, things they do on a daily basis and the stories of the people they impact each day. No editing required. An Instagram Story lasts 24 hours, so it can constantly be updated with new content.
  2. Direct message connects your nonprofit with the public on a personal level. Through direct message, the public has the opportunity to ask questions and offer comments about the content you’re posting in a messaging system similar to texting. When your organization interacts with the public in this way, it is better able to understand its audience and cater to them more effectively. In the same way, the public will feel more connected to your organization and choose to give back.
  3. If your nonprofit gets verified it can easily connect the public to giving options, therefore increasing donations. When your nonprofit’s Instagram account gains enough followers and popularity it will be verified by Instagram, allowing you to utilize the ‘swipe up’ option. This option permits you to connect a website link to your Instagram story. So, when a user is viewing your story he/she can easily ‘swipe up’ to follow the link you provide, taking them straight to a giving page. The more accessible giving is, the more donations you will receive.
  4. Live video offers interaction in real time and can easily host giveaways, competitions, conferences and Q and A’s. Connecting to your nonprofit's audience through live video can increase your reach even further and be another way to close the gap between you and a potential donor.
  5. Though the millennial generation may not be your target market at this point they will be in several years and starting to connect with them now will help you immensely in the future. The visual content of Instagram is highly appealing to this generation, so learning how to connect with them will guarantee your success for years to come.

Your nonprofit is awesome, but many people may not know that or may not even know it exists. Jumping on Instagram and utilizing its powerful form of communication to make your presence known is key to your nonprofit’s success. Marketing today looks a lot different than it used to, so don’t be afraid to jump in and try something new. Instagram may just be the key.