Authenticating by Phone Call for Donors

Here at Txt2Give, we like to use technology in a way that makes things easier for our customers and donors. We also enjoy being a little different.

Here's a perfect example. When we launched our online giving option, we didn't want to force donors to have to create and remember yet another username and password combo. So we decided to authenticate them using text messages and a secure, 4-digit PIN instead. We wrote about it in this guest post on Church Tech Today.

We launched the feature and everyone was happy. Well, almost everyone.

Everybody texts, right?

Well, not exactly. Lo and behold, there's a small group of people that either hasn't yet adopted texting, or has simply decided not to join the texting party. Fair enough, but we didn't want to exclude them from using our online giving option!

Now donors can authenticate using a 4-digit PIN even if they don't text. They don't even need a mobile phone, for that matter. Instead of verifying the PIN by text message, donors can opt to authenticate by phone call.

Here's a short video showing it in action.

We think this should cover 100% of people now. But if a donor can't authenticate by text or phone call, I guess they can always write a check :)