Chad Boyd
Chad is the Founder of Txt2Give, where he works tirelessly to help organizations break down barriers to giving. He also likes to pick on his guitars, visit tropical places and sling code.
Chad Boyd

Authenticating by Phone Call for Donors

Here at Txt2Give, we like to use technology in a way that makes things easier for our customers and donors. We also enjoy being a little different.

Here's a perfect example. When we launched our online giving option, we didn't want to force donors to have to create and remember

Chad Boyd

New features: Debit-only Restriction and ACH

We've got two new awesome features to announce here at Txt2Give!

Debit-only Restriction and ACH.

Both of these features are related to using a bank account for funding donations, and have been highly requested by our customers, so we're excited to roll them out.

Debit-only Restriction

Organizations can now restrict

Chad Boyd

Payment Gateway Plug & Play

This announcement marks the biggest feature we've rolled out since I started Txt2Give over 3 years ago, which is an eternity in Internet years :)

Back then, I chose to integrate with Stripe to handle all of the payment processing for donations. Why? Well, two reasons really.

Stripe made it incredibly

Chad Boyd

Giving Options: Does Your Church Have Enough?

Text giving is becoming an extremely popular giving option at churches these days, and for good reason.

  1. It's fast. You can give by text in a matter of seconds.
  2. It's familiar. Almost everyone has sent a text message, so there's nothing new to figure out.
  3. It's convenient. With text messaging,