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Promoting Mobile Donations on Your Website

As an organization, you may already have a way for your donors to give online, and that’s great! Mobile donations can easily compliment your current giving process or it can, if you choose, replace it all together.

Giving is an emotional gesture for a donor, and it can sometimes

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Using Text Donations for Events

A text giving service is a great tool to have at your event, for so many reasons. It’s simply an easier and more secure option, for the donors and the organization.

Does your organization currently rely on forms, requesting personal or payment information? With identity theft on the rise,

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Mobile Giving — Is it Good for Your Organization?

What is mobile giving? In a nutshell, it’s a way for organizations to accept monetary gifts from its donors via text message.

Until recently, this option has only been available to larger organizations, due to the hefty price tag and strict guidelines associated with the service. Even then, you