Finally, simple text giving for Canadian churches too

If you’ve been looking for a simple text giving solution for your church and are located in Canada, your search is over.

We almost gave up, then we found you.

This is what a lot of our Canadian church partners have been telling us lately.  Apparently, the banking system in Canada makes things difficult for most text giving providers to service Canada.  We had no idea.

We proudly partner with Stripe to process our platform’s transactions, and Stripe’s made it extremely simple to accept donations on behalf of our Canadian customers.  Not only does Stripe make it easy on us, more importantly, it’s easy for the churches that use Txt2Give to get started.

A Canadian church can have their Txt2Give account set up and ready to accept text donations in a matter of minutes.  Not days.  And with the digital rollout resources we provide you, your church can literally be ready to introduce text giving to its congregation in no time at all with almost no effort.

At 2.3% + 40¢ per donation, we offer some of the lowest rates available for text giving, and our 30 day free trial makes it easier than ever for Canadian churches to give text giving a spin.

Txt2Give started in the US, and now we proudly support Canada, too.  Other countries are in the works, so reach out and let us know if you’d like us to provide service in your country.

As always, get in touch at or on Twitter @txt2give if you want to learn more about getting started with text giving at your church.