Jeremy Bartley

How to do a digital fundraiser on Facebook


This is a digital fundraising event that harnesses the power of social media. The event is like a normal raffle giveaway except it is done live on Facebook for anyone around the world to join in. Here’s how it works: instead of selling tickets, participants give text donations to enter a raffle for a specific prize. The giveaway results are then broadcasted live over Facebook.

The average person has about 338 friends on Facebook and with the right leverage, that could mean your biggest event ever. By leveraging Facebook's event platform and inviting everyone that your team knows, it can create strong awareness for the event.

This fundraiser is unique because you're raising funds while promoting the event. Meaning all the money is raised before the giveaways at the event even happen. The key to making this event successful is to have great prizes and have a team of people heavily pushing the event on social media. The key to successfully advertising on social media is to share why your organization exists throughout your posts.

Revenue: There are multiple strategies on how to price a drawing. The better the prizes, the more you should charge, but set the starting price point low enough that participants have to buy a ticket.


  • Facebook page
  • Facebook event page
  • 10-20 Prizes (Better prizes will get better results)
  • A team of people ready to share the event, post about the event and promote the event on social media. -Event flyers -Txt2Give account
  • Smartphone with good camera
  • Randomizer for choosing winners ( is an option. There are many ways to pick a winner, but this tool keeps it completely random for up to 1000 names.)
  • Digital list of entry names


45 Days out:

Solicit and collect donated prizes.

30 Days out:

First team meeting with the goal of organizing how and when to share the event. Create a flyer with text code to pass around and post in businesses.

25 Days out:

Start grassroots campaign with flyers and personal text messages to friends to give through a text code.

20 Days out:

Create a Facebook event and have the team start inviting people to the event.

  • Post the first prize reveal.
  • Post instructions on how to give with the text number.
19 -15 days out:

Reveal a new prize every day. Also, have the team re-share these post( Important, in every post add: To have a chance to win this prize text the word Give to [insert text number])

14 days out:

First Facebook live done through the event page.

  • Have some of the prizes to show during the video.
  • Discuss the goal of the event.
  • Share how much has already been raised.
  • Talk about why the organization exists.
13-10 days out:

Once a day post about the prizes participants could win and why they should give. It's important to post on the event page as well as on the organization's page. At this stage your team should be posting every day, as well on their own pages, and re-posting the organization's post.

10 days out:

Invite everyone to invite their friends to the event page.

  • Do another Facebook live going over the prizes and a status of how much funds have been raised and how much is still needed.
9-3 days out:

Post all the prizes again, as well as how to enter the contest.

  • Post how much more is needed to be donated to hit the goal and why they should give and ask to invite friends.
  • Have the entire team do another text blast to friends about the event. Your team could capture the attention of their friends by sending a video message instead of a text.
3 Days out:

Have the entire team do another push to invite friends to the event and share every post till the event is over.

  • Do a Facebook live thanking everyone so much for their gifts and let them know they can enter as many times as they want.
  • Share current amount needed still to hit the goal.
  • Post Three times a day about prizes and how to enter.(Use your team in pictures to make it fun).
2-1 days out:

Post four times a day about prizes, how to enter.

  • Talk about why to give in a video post.
  • Post in a fun way about the event.
  • Do a Facebook live and interview someone that has been affected in a positive way through your organization.
6 hours out:

Facebook live with a last push to enter.

  • Have your team share posts and do a facebook live themselves talking about entering the event. 1 hour out: Announce that giving has closed.
Event Starts

Start Facebook live on the event page and organization's page using two different smartphones.

5 mins in:

Go over the rules of how all entries have been put into a randomizer to pick the winners for the prizes. Thank everyone for their support. Also, let them know when the next event will happen.

Every two minutes:

Giveaway a prize consistently to keep the energy up and make it fun. Have a couple of people in the shot to help organize and to interact with.

The end:

Let everyone know that all winners will be contacted shortly.

Bonus Tips:
  • There are no rules that say you can't use all social networks to promote your event. Spread the word any way you can.
  • Get your team to buy into sharing everything on social media. The more people you have pushing this, the better it will do.
  • The event will be successful if you hustle and ask for the donation in a clear way.
  • The prizes need to be good, as well as heavily promoted.
  • Lastly, have fun and be creative. The more you get people to engage, the better the event will be.