New features: Debit-only Restriction and ACH

We've got two new awesome features to announce here at Txt2Give!

Debit-only Restriction and ACH.

Both of these features are related to using a bank account for funding donations, and have been highly requested by our customers, so we're excited to roll them out.

Debit-only Restriction

Organizations can now restrict cards used for donations to debit cards only. Why would an organization want to do this, you ask? The two reasons we heard over and over were:

  • Churches don't want to see their congregation go into debt over giving. Using a credit card for giving could lead to interest charges and debt accumulation if the balance isn't paid off every month.
  • Debit cards cost less to process than credit cards. Like a lot less. The difference can be 1-2% of the donation or more!

We happen to think those are two great reasons to support a feature like this, so we implemented it :)


ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, and is the banking network in the United States that moves money from one financial institution to another. The ability to use a bank account for a funding source for donations was one of the most highly-requested features we've ever received, so I'm really happy to announce this one!

New donors can select the ACH payment option when giving for the first time. Existing donors can switch over to ACH by texting update to the organization's giving number, or by logging into the organization's Txt2Give online giving portal.

We now support many different payment gateways, but not all gateways support ACH. If you're thinking about signing up and are wondering which of our gateways supports ACH, just ask by leaving a comment below or sending a message.