Stevie Rozean

5 reasons your nonprofit should get on Instagram

Visual content is so powerful. It pushes us to imagine ourselves in a different place, try something new, feel empathy or have hope. It is a form of persuasion that causes us to spend money. Instagram thrives off this form of persuasion. It is one of the most popular social

Stevie Rozean

Why you should stop promoting check donations

It’s time for your nonprofit to do away with traditional giving methods. Who carries around a checkbook anymore anyways?

Most people don’t, especially when things like Apple Pay and cell phones exist.

Buying things in our culture couldn’t be easier, so gaining donations should be just as

Jeremy Bartley

Do you really need an app for your nonprofit?

As more and more companies take to the app store, nonprofits are beginning to ask if they need to develop an app for their organization as well. In an effort to save you hours of debate and money spent on a trend, here are four questions I’ve asked nonprofits