Jeremy Bartley

How to do a digital fundraiser on Facebook


This is a digital fundraising event that harnesses the power of social media. The event is like a normal raffle giveaway except it is done live on Facebook for anyone around the world to join in. Here’s how it works: instead of selling tickets, participants give text donations

Jeremy Bartley

Understanding your donor - Part 1: Why do they give?

A donor is the lifeblood of a successful non-profit. Without their money, time and moral support no impact can be made. As a result, understanding your donor is crucial for sustaining your organization. In this blog series, I will cover three areas that you must understand and implement in order

Jeremy Bartley

Don't undervalue the power of your non-profit's story

Donors want a reason to believe and support your non-profit; that’s the power of story. It connects your donor to the organization on a personal level and convinces them to continue giving.

The Story Matters

Your organization has a journey that is full of victories and defeats that make