Jeremy Bartley

The ultimate family game night fundraiser

Fundraiser Description: The ultimate family game night is a fundraiser that creates lasting memories for the donor through some friendly competition and game-playing while also raising funds for your organization. This event is something your organization can do once a quarter, and there are so many ways to change it

Chad Boyd

Authenticating by Phone Call for Donors

Here at Txt2Give, we like to use technology in a way that makes things easier for our customers and donors. We also enjoy being a little different.

Here's a perfect example. When we launched our online giving option, we didn't want to force donors to have to create and remember

Chad Boyd

New features: Debit-only Restriction and ACH

We've got two new awesome features to announce here at Txt2Give!

Debit-only Restriction and ACH.

Both of these features are related to using a bank account for funding donations, and have been highly requested by our customers, so we're excited to roll them out.

Debit-only Restriction

Organizations can now restrict

Chad Boyd

Payment Gateway Plug & Play

This announcement marks the biggest feature we've rolled out since I started Txt2Give over 3 years ago, which is an eternity in Internet years :)

Back then, I chose to integrate with Stripe to handle all of the payment processing for donations. Why? Well, two reasons really.

Stripe made it incredibly