Promoting Mobile Donations on Your Website

As an organization, you may already have a way for your donors to give online, and that’s great! Mobile donations can easily compliment your current giving process or it can, if you choose, replace it all together.

Giving is an emotional gesture for a donor, and it can sometimes come at a moments notice. Using their mobile phone, a donor can quickly give when inspiration strikes, anytime, anywhere. Txt2Give was created to provide a quicker, easier, more accessible option for donors to give on the spot. Instead of having to be in front of a computer to make a donation, donors can now simply give by sending a text no matter where they are.

Mobile donation services are not only more convenient for the donor, but also for the organization. We, for example, automate a lot of the work that usually goes with collecting donations, and that ends up saving organizations (and their volunteers) A LOT of time.

Most organizations only put their online giving on their website and their donors never even know that there are other ways for them to give! As an organization, when you implement text giving, there are a few key things you’ll want to do on your website…

  • Make sure to inform the website visitors that you accept mobile donations
  • Place the phone number/QR code/ brief instructions at the top of the home page so it is the first thing visitors see
  • Add it to a designated giving page, if there is one
  • Be sure to also place easy instructions on the website so donors know how to use it (we can even provide these for you)
  • Include the phone number, and, if using the QR code in your marketing, consider providing a link for a QR scanner app, just incase the donor may not have one

If you want to explore mobile donations or need assistance with the implementation, just simply contact us and Txt2Give can provide you with everything you need to make it successful.