Stevie Rozean

Why you should stop promoting check donations

It’s time for your nonprofit to do away with traditional giving methods. Who carries around a checkbook anymore anyways?

Most people don’t, especially when things like Apple Pay and cell phones exist.

Buying things in our culture couldn’t be easier, so gaining donations should be just as easy! But by relying on check donations, mail donations and writing down credit card numbers at events, your nonprofit is actually throwing away potential donations instead of increasing them.

In 2015, 45% of money lost to fraud was due to checks 1. Even writing down credit card numbers is dangerous, as a piece of paper or computer file can easily be misplaced or slip into the wrong hands.

With fraud and theft on the rise, the public, your potential donors, is less likely to give through traditional formats. It may be too risky for them. Even if they genuinely care about your organization and want to support it financially, they may choose not to simply out of fear.

That’s why it is critical that you offer online or text giving.

I don’t know about you, but the easier it is for me to spend money, the more likely I am to do it. When I’m tapping through an Instagram Story and see the option to “swipe up” to purchase an item, I will immediately swipe up because it’s easy to do. But when I see a Story that says, “Click the link in bio to purchase,” I won’t, simply because it takes a few more clicks to get there.

Same goes with your potential donors when they arrive at an event or go to your website. Giving should be easy, not a hassle.

When people attend one of your events or see your advertising online, giving should take only a few easy steps. It’s how your nonprofit sustains itself, right? So make it stress-free, simple and a no-brainer for your donor.

Don’t give them a chance to question if they should donate. Make it as easy as “swipe up.”

By simply eliminating traditional giving methods and moving to digital, your donors will give with ease and hopefully continue giving throughout their lives.

If your nonprofit wants to move to digital giving, but doesn’t know where to start, check out Txt2Give for an easy way to set up both text giving and online giving.

1 McDonald, Michael. (2016 June). Every Type of Check Fraud You Have to Worry About