Jeremy Bartley

The coffee crazy fundraiser ideas

Our culture’s love of coffee has become more like an obsession, causing teenagers and businessmen alike to keep up with the latest coffee fads, which makes it the perfect thing to center a fundraiser around. There are a few ways to go about hosting a fundraising event with coffee shops and monetizing it for your organization.

1. Host a “Best Local Coffee” contest.

Invite local coffee roasters in your city to bring their light, medium and dark roasts to a venue in which the public can come and taste the various coffees. Through the event, the coffee shops will gain exposure for their brands while providing great coffee for the attendees. Have the attendees vote on the coffees for various categories (best light roast, best overall, best design, etc.) Ask a local professional or celebrity to speak at the event, which will draw in a larger crowd and bring excitement to the event. Partner with local tv and/or radio stations in order to advertise and add credibility to the event. Provide outstanding prizes for the winners of the different categories. Charge an entry fee at the door for attendees and hold a coffee auction in which roasters donate bags of coffee for attendees to bid on.

2. Host a latte throwdown contest.

Latte art has become an entire sub-culture within the coffee world. Ask a local coffee shop to host the event. Allow ten people from the public to buy-in to make latte art with the help of the barista at the shop. Attendees of the event will vote on the latte art and the winner will win a cash prize. Each participant’s buy-in will go toward the winning prize and actual fundraiser. Live stream the event on Facebook to create additional engagement. Add a snack booth to the event (with items like muffins, scones or cookies), in which all proceeds go to your organization.

3. Host a live music night.

What’s better than coffee? Coffee and music. Invite local bands to perform at a coffee shop. Most bands will have some kind of following on social media to promote the event and are often willing to play for free if they can sell their merchandise. Ask the coffee roaster to donate a percentage of their sales during the event to your organization.