Jeremy Bartley

The single tool that will revolutionize the way your organization communicates.

Still searching through all your texts, email threads and video chats to find that one tiny piece of information? Good communication within an organization is crucial to its success and productivity, but the all the different forms we use can just make it more confusing, distracting and can make conversations among employees and administration difficult to keep track of.

The best solution I have found is, which is an online tool that integrates all your organization's communications into one easy platform. Here’s what it can do for your organization:

  1. It centralizes communication.
    Slack combines text messages, message boards and emails into a central place of communication, which allows for one-on-one communication and targeted group channels to make sure you’re in relevant conversations. You can also attach files in conversations, allowing for quicker project workflow.

  2. It keeps a history of all conversations, no matter the platform.
    In most other forms of communication platforms, it is easy to lose track of dialogues, threads or if an employee leaves the organization and their email gets deleted. Slack has made it easy to keep control of your communication history because the conversation is happening in one place.

  3. You can search for a specific conversation or piece of information.
    One of the most frustrating things about email or text is trying to find a particular discussion. Slack allows you to find a thread of conversation or comment no matter how miniscule. It also permits you to attach files that work across all devices.

  4. It connects to a lot of different softwares.
    Slack has a very well designed API that connects to many technology platforms. For example, a lot of nonprofits use a CRM to maintain their donor contacts, which can be connected to Slack. There are limits to the software it connects to, but it is a huge advantage to keep everything in one place.

Slack has been working to change the way we communicate in the office and is continually adding new features. If you have been looking for a way make your organization’s communication more efficient, this tool is something you really need to consider.