Jeremy Bartley

The ultimate family game night fundraiser

Fundraiser Description: The ultimate family game night is a fundraiser that creates lasting memories for the donor through some friendly competition and game-playing while also raising funds for your organization. This event is something your organization can do once a quarter, and there are so many ways to change it up in order to make it a new experience each time.

So invite your donors and their families to a night of classic games with a twist. The games are played as they are normally, but donors can buy game advantages to make it easier to win. It's every player for themselves as they compete against the entire room, and the highest score wins. As players compete, your organization raises more and more funds.

Revenue Streams

There are multiple ways to raise money during the event. Here are a couple of ideas of how you could organize donations for the event:

  • Event/meal ticket: $10per person or $30 per family (By keeping food cost low you can make it affordable for the family)

  • Game Advantage Cards: $5 per small and $10 per large (You may be able to charge more for this if attendees know about this before the event)

  • Snack Sales: $1-$10 (Add a happy hour with discounted prices to push sales later in the night)

  • Text Giving Competition: $5-$25 challenges (Earn game advantage by getting your friends offsite to give, as well as track giving for the night)

Materials needed
  • Uno Deck for each table
  • Deck of playing cards for each table
  • Six die for each table
  • Directions for Farkel for each table
  • Printed Scorecards (pdf attached)
  • Meal (Keep it simple: tacos, nacho bar, hamburgers and hot dogs)
  • Snack Food: (Think homemade for the family game night: cookies, cupcakes, brownies, chex mix, etc.)
  • Txt2Give Event Plan
  • Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners
  • Small Prizes for random contests (Game round winner, lowest score)
  • Tables and chairs

All the players will be divided up into groups of six for each table. Every game played during the night will follow the normal directions with no special change except for game advantages listed below. As an additional option, you may have players change tables at each round. To create more competition, you can have players announce scores in between rounds.

Game advantages

Each of these can have different prices.
Uno: You can buy action cards, for example: wild cards, draw four cards, etc.
Rummy: You can buy wild cards
Farkle: Extra roll and re-rolls


Round one, Uno: The winner of each round will receive 1000 Points.
Round two, Rummy: Wild cards 100pts, aces 50pts, face card 35pts, number cards are double their face value.
Round three, Farkle: Four of a kind 1000pts, five of a kind 2000pts, six of a kind 3000pts, straight 1-6 1500pts, three pairs 1500pts, two triplets 2500pts


It is every player for themselves and achieve the highest score. First, second and third place winners will be honored. You can also have prices for the lowest scores.

Event schedule

6:00- Dinner begins and sales of advantage cards are open
6:20 - Explanation of rules
6:30 - Round one begins: Uno
7:15 - Round two begins: Rummy
7:30 - Snacks begin
8:00 - Round three begins: Farkle
8:30 - Happy hour snacks begin
8:45 - Tally up scores
9:00 - Announce winners